Barcelona Mobile World Congress: Images of Our Future Selves

'Something in essence or in effect, though not actually or in fact.' Demonstrations with Virtual Reality headsets were uber-present at this year's Mobile World Congress. VR will soon be entering our lives through our phones as mobile phone companies race to bring us 360-degree camera systems. Soon we can all prance about in ludicrous fashion like this suited gentleman. Though hopefully not out in the street.

Have at you!

'The Unreasonable Power of Attraction...' Flying 3-D hamburguesas and dancing gizmos below courtesy of Kino-mo, London-based purveyors of hologram-based advertizing. The photographic restructuring of light fields using projectors, holography is already part of the entertainment industry, with dead music stars returning to life to perform on stage at live concerts. Now holography is set to hit high street shops on a massive scale. And from the shops it's just a a few steps into our homes....

flying hamburguesas

In a hall full of strange simulacrae, I approached the handsome arrangement below wondering about its significance. Until I realized it wasn't actually an installation. But, still, rather beautiful, and quietly pertinant in its own way as a strangely pleasing counter-narrative...

Fire equipment or gimmick?

Back to VR. This gentleman is actually attempting to perform Virtual Surgery on a female patient. Se lo esta pasando teta, as an observor commented.


Another 'Vive' stand. Interjuxtoposition of astonishing 'natural' images and ultra-advanced technology is a popular theme. An identification with green, sustainable energy and practices is a must in the current climate of tech marketing.

Mobile phones lined up in front of an exotic display cabinet. This year mobile 5G internet technology has been to the fore, with each company jostling to show itself as a fore-runner in the lead-up to the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution. As more and more people are connected in more and more ways, the 4G network is no longer capable of fulfilling the huge demand for connectivity. 5G will satisfy the demand, bringing absurdly fast internet to everyone, and a new era in which all our devices interact with the Internet of Things (IoT), bringing together automobiles, domestic appliances, security systems, telecommunications and gaming technology onto the same page.

Mobile phone fantasy

Last of all, I met my first robot.

See you later, Jimmy

The Mobile World Congress is the biggest mobile communications event in the world, held in Barcelona since 2006.

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